My first ever assignment on this Blog!

The assignment is to; ‘ you’ll be creating an animated gif of a clip from your favourite (or least favourite) film’

As someone who loves films, to pick a favourite is so difficult! But none the less I persevered and came up with one of my favourite scenes from my favourite films.

Here is the animated GIF I made: RHE5S1C - Imgur.gifThe link to the original video is here.

I made this animated GIF using IMGUR’s video to GIF.  I found it to be the best GIF maker I have found, it makes high quality, smooth looking animated GIFs.

Keen films fans may recognise this GIF from ‘The Blues Brothers’.

I love this particular scene because of the story behind it, the filmmakers found an abandoned mall as their location, It being empty they approached retailers to fill the empty shops in the mall. The deal was that they’d only pay for what they wrecked. The full story is here. I highly recommend a look about how this scene was filmed, its highly interesting.