This DS106 Assignment asks you to take all of the colour out of a photograph accept for one object or aspect of that photograph. The example given is the little girls’ red coat from “Schindler’s List”

The process of adding a pop of colour or taking colour away from a photograph draws the eye to a certain aspect of the picture and creates a stylised feel to it.

Firstly, I chose the photographs to edit, and I chose two photos that have a colourful subject that would lend itself nicely to doing this type of editing on it.

Both photographs I chose were ones I took myself, on my iPhone.

Then I used the select tool on Adobe Photoshop to select the subject; the rose and the butterfly. Then once the object was selected, I feathered the selection. Then I right-clicked on the selection and selected ‘Layer via Copy’

Then I selected the original background layer and went to adjustments and then ‘Black and White’.

With a few tweaks here and there and I was pretty much done.

Here is the final product:

The red of the rose was a better contrast against the black and white of the rest of the photograph. The butterfly was green on a green background and that made it more difficult to select at the beginning and to get a coherent shape.

Overall I think the rose photo on the right turned out better than the butterfly, as it was more of a clear shape