This task asks you to make a film of something and then play it backward, and it seems on this blog that I really like playing things backward. I thought I’d try this one out.

So I chose a running tap because I thought that it would look really interesting.

This turned out really well. It’s not the highest quality but it still shows the rewound process really well. This video was made black and white because I wanted to add to the unsettling feel of the water going backward and this made it really effective. The contrast between the light of the water and the dark

The contrast between the light of the water and the dark sink colour makes it really clear to see the water running backward.

Its strange to think that just with a couple of simple techniques that a person can be scared or made to feel uncomfortable like that even though it editing trickery.

I showed this to a couple of friends and they noted that the black and white teamed with the distressing rewound footage that it is a homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.  He mastered the art of usig camera and effects trickery to scare an audeince. So much so that his films still hold up and scare people today.