I thought this task was a really interesting experiment. Moore’s law says that technology advances every eighteen months. You buy or use a piece of technology and after a year and a half something new has come along and it’s already outdated.

I wondered whether this was true for websites as well.

So using The Way Back Machine I went back to the old home pages of the Apple Website. to test both the technology and the web site theory.

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Starting with 2003 – you can see the adverts at the bottom of the page for their new iPod and iMac look incredibly outdated and almost retro, but this was only just over ten years ago is it retro already?

Carrying on to 2009 you can see the latest product is the newest iPod Shuffle which they advertised as saying ‘spoke to you’. It’s important to note that this was a product that they launched that didn’t do as well as the iPhone. Come to think of it, who even has an iPod anymore anyway? Has apple outdated, one of their own products only to replace it with a new one?

However, no one remembers a company’s mistakes it only remembers its successes.

And finally the last page I went to was 2010 and that showed the launch of the first iPad. A true game changer when it was first launched and started off the tablet craze that’s still going today.

Overall I think this is a cool thing to do especially if a person wants to see how a website hs changed over the years. It is nice to see a timeline of a company or website growing with its users. Alternatively, look at a website from when you first encountered it on the web see how it has changed, has it changed for the better? Has it changed for the worse?