This animated GIF assignment asked me to create an animated GIF from The Muppets.

I decided to focus on a point in the Muppets show where Kermit gets heckled by Statler and Waldorf. Kermit then looks straight down the lens at hos audience and gulps. I feel like this is exactly why The Muppets are so good, they aren’t afraid to break convention.

Xy9VYAj - Imgur.gifIn creating this gif I used the IMGUR video to gif maker. This is a really easy way to make a high-quality GIF in minutes. There is also an option available to add text as subtitles at the bottom of the gif as well.

Kermit looking to camera made me think of when this phenomenon of breaking the fourth wall started.

The “fourth wall” is the imagined wall between an audience and the performers, breaking the fourth wall is when the performers communicate straight to the audience, thus breaking the fourth imaginary wall.

This can either be for comic effect or for emphasis. Fourth wall breaks are not limited to film, TV and theatre, it has been known for comic book characters, characters in novels and video games.

Although breaking the fourth wall is usually reserved for comedic performances, it is used to a great effect in Netflix series ‘House of Cards’ this is a great way of knowing our main character, Frank Underwood’s actual intentions, this is a way of letting the audience in on the story, not letting them in on the joke, but letting them in on the scam.


Doctor Who has a long history of breaking the fourth wall, right from the first Doctor, in “The Feast of Steven” The Doctor looks directly at the camera and wishes the audience “A Merry Christmas”.

Jump to modern day and one of the most ingenious ways to break the fourth wall in ‘Blink’. This entails the characters meeting a monster that turns to stone whenever its being looked at. Keen viewers may realise that in many instances, none of the onscreen characters are looking at the stone angels yet they are still in their stone form. The fourth wall is broken because the audience is watching the angels.