The Fourth Wall — January 26, 2017

The Fourth Wall

This animated GIF assignment asked me to create an animated GIF from The Muppets.

I decided to focus on a point in the Muppets show where Kermit gets heckled by Statler and Waldorf. Kermit then looks straight down the lens at hos audience and gulps. I feel like this is exactly why The Muppets are so good, they aren’t afraid to break convention.

Xy9VYAj - Imgur.gifIn creating this gif I used the IMGUR video to gif maker. This is a really easy way to make a high-quality GIF in minutes. There is also an option available to add text as subtitles at the bottom of the gif as well.

Kermit looking to camera made me think of when this phenomenon of breaking the fourth wall started.

The “fourth wall” is the imagined wall between an audience and the performers, breaking the fourth wall is when the performers communicate straight to the audience, thus breaking the fourth imaginary wall.

This can either be for comic effect or for emphasis. Fourth wall breaks are not limited to film, TV and theatre, it has been known for comic book characters, characters in novels and video games.

Although breaking the fourth wall is usually reserved for comedic performances, it is used to a great effect in Netflix series ‘House of Cards’ this is a great way of knowing our main character, Frank Underwood’s actual intentions, this is a way of letting the audience in on the story, not letting them in on the joke, but letting them in on the scam.


Doctor Who has a long history of breaking the fourth wall, right from the first Doctor, in “The Feast of Steven” The Doctor looks directly at the camera and wishes the audience “A Merry Christmas”.

Jump to modern day and one of the most ingenious ways to break the fourth wall in ‘Blink’. This entails the characters meeting a monster that turns to stone whenever its being looked at. Keen viewers may realise that in many instances, none of the onscreen characters are looking at the stone angels yet they are still in their stone form. The fourth wall is broken because the audience is watching the angels. 



The World in Colour — January 25, 2017

The World in Colour

As I am a visual learner, and I often notice the colours of things first before anything else. So doing the ‘What colour is your world?‘ task seemed really fun as a task and as a thought experiment.

The task set is to pick a colour and take pictures of the things in that colour that you encounter in your life.

the colour I chose was the colour blue as I think that it appears a lot in my day to day life and I wanted to see how much it does actually appear or whether I am just being biased.

So as it turns out there are many things I encounter in my daily life that are associated with the colour blue and even though I don’t consider blue my favourite colour, I do seem to buy a lot of things that are blue and have them in my life.

A Nostalgia Trip – Web Archives — January 24, 2017

A Nostalgia Trip – Web Archives

I thought this task was a really interesting experiment. Moore’s law says that technology advances every eighteen months. You buy or use a piece of technology and after a year and a half something new has come along and it’s already outdated.

I wondered whether this was true for websites as well.

So using The Way Back Machine I went back to the old home pages of the Apple Website. to test both the technology and the web site theory.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Starting with 2003 – you can see the adverts at the bottom of the page for their new iPod and iMac look incredibly outdated and almost retro, but this was only just over ten years ago is it retro already?

Carrying on to 2009 you can see the latest product is the newest iPod Shuffle which they advertised as saying ‘spoke to you’. It’s important to note that this was a product that they launched that didn’t do as well as the iPhone. Come to think of it, who even has an iPod anymore anyway? Has apple outdated, one of their own products only to replace it with a new one?

However, no one remembers a company’s mistakes it only remembers its successes.

And finally the last page I went to was 2010 and that showed the launch of the first iPad. A true game changer when it was first launched and started off the tablet craze that’s still going today.

Overall I think this is a cool thing to do especially if a person wants to see how a website hs changed over the years. It is nice to see a timeline of a company or website growing with its users. Alternatively, look at a website from when you first encountered it on the web see how it has changed, has it changed for the better? Has it changed for the worse?

Another Quiz — January 22, 2017

Another Quiz

I really liked doing the guess the film on four icons quiz I decided to do another but with audio this time.

This is an idea I saw here. Feel free to try it yourself.

I downloaded the original songs and uploaded them into Adobe Audition and then using that programme I reversed the track. Then Exported it as an MP3 file, uploaded them all as a playlist to my SoundCloud account and embedded the playlist here.

So this time I will stick to famous songs from TV Shows and films. They will be reversed and all you have to do is guess the film is TV Show its from. The answers will be at the bottom of the page.







R1: Ghostbusters Theme

R2: Back to The Future Theme

R3: Doctor Who Theme from 1963


How did you do? Funny how some songs sound exactly the same when played backwards and some sound very different.

Playing it Backwards — January 20, 2017

Playing it Backwards

This task asks you to make a film of something and then play it backward, and it seems on this blog that I really like playing things backward. I thought I’d try this one out.

So I chose a running tap because I thought that it would look really interesting.

This turned out really well. It’s not the highest quality but it still shows the rewound process really well. This video was made black and white because I wanted to add to the unsettling feel of the water going backward and this made it really effective. The contrast between the light of the water and the dark

The contrast between the light of the water and the dark sink colour makes it really clear to see the water running backward.

Its strange to think that just with a couple of simple techniques that a person can be scared or made to feel uncomfortable like that even though it editing trickery.

I showed this to a couple of friends and they noted that the black and white teamed with the distressing rewound footage that it is a homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.  He mastered the art of usig camera and effects trickery to scare an audeince. So much so that his films still hold up and scare people today.



Minimalism and Movies — January 16, 2017

Minimalism and Movies

In this task, we were asked to create a minimalist poster for a TV show or movie. This I thought was a really interesting idea and something that I could really run with creatively. The essence of the story had to be captured but only using key icons, props, and characters.

The first idea that came into my head was a poster of a superhero movie and I landed on the idea of doing a minimalist poster of “Captain America: The First Avenger” movie.

I thought it was a good idea to do this because Captain America’s shield is something very iconic.


So using Adobe Photoshop I used the shape tool I recreated Cap’s Sheild in the iconic colours. Then I added a slight amount of shading on it to make it look metallic and more like the shield that we see in the movies but also in keeping with the minimalist idea of the task.

I eventually ended up with this shield graphic. screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-13-59-51I would have liked to have added more detail to this graphic butI feel like if I added any more it wouldn’t be in keeping with the minimalist idea of the task.

All I had to do now was to add the title.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 15.41.06.pngOverall I feel like the graphic worked best on its own but I wouldn’t have a poster without the title of the movie.

Splash The Colour Assignment — January 13, 2017

Splash The Colour Assignment

This DS106 Assignment asks you to take all of the colour out of a photograph accept for one object or aspect of that photograph. The example given is the little girls’ red coat from “Schindler’s List”

The process of adding a pop of colour or taking colour away from a photograph draws the eye to a certain aspect of the picture and creates a stylised feel to it.

Firstly, I chose the photographs to edit, and I chose two photos that have a colourful subject that would lend itself nicely to doing this type of editing on it.

Both photographs I chose were ones I took myself, on my iPhone.

Then I used the select tool on Adobe Photoshop to select the subject; the rose and the butterfly. Then once the object was selected, I feathered the selection. Then I right-clicked on the selection and selected ‘Layer via Copy’

Then I selected the original background layer and went to adjustments and then ‘Black and White’.

With a few tweaks here and there and I was pretty much done.

Here is the final product:

The red of the rose was a better contrast against the black and white of the rest of the photograph. The butterfly was green on a green background and that made it more difficult to select at the beginning and to get a coherent shape.

Overall I think the rose photo on the right turned out better than the butterfly, as it was more of a clear shape