Splash The Colour Assignment — January 13, 2017

Splash The Colour Assignment

This DS106 Assignment asks you to take all of the colour out of a photograph accept for one object or aspect of that photograph. The example given is the little girls’ red coat from “Schindler’s List”

The process of adding a pop of colour or taking colour away from a photograph draws the eye to a certain aspect of the picture and creates a stylised feel to it.

Firstly, I chose the photographs to edit, and I chose two photos that have a colourful subject that would lend itself nicely to doing this type of editing on it.

Both photographs I chose were ones I took myself, on my iPhone.

Then I used the select tool on Adobe Photoshop to select the subject; the rose and the butterfly. Then once the object was selected, I feathered the selection. Then I right-clicked on the selection and selected ‘Layer via Copy’

Then I selected the original background layer and went to adjustments and then ‘Black and White’.

With a few tweaks here and there and I was pretty much done.

Here is the final product:

The red of the rose was a better contrast against the black and white of the rest of the photograph. The butterfly was green on a green background and that made it more difficult to select at the beginning and to get a coherent shape.

Overall I think the rose photo on the right turned out better than the butterfly, as it was more of a clear shape

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Upper Storeys — October 24, 2016

Upper Storeys

The Shape of Stories

So in storytelling, all stories can be described into about eight different journeys or, a mix of them.

This is a theory by Kurt Vonnegut. He outlines his idea here. And an infographic on the idea is here.

Applying these to movies, TV shows, and books can be easy. The video of Kurt Vonnegut reminded me of a scene in Back to The Future so I will apply his theory to that particular film Trilogy.

doc-brownScreen Shot 2016-10-24 at 16.28.05.png

The first movie fits into the first ‘Man in Hole’ story shape. Marty the main character, gets himself stuck in 1955 and 1955 Doc Brown helps Marty get back to 1985.

The second movie fits into the ‘From Bad to Worse’ story shape, Marty with the help of Doc goes to the future to stop his son going to jail. Marty stops this from happening but triggers old 2015 Biff, going back in time to himself in 1955, creates an alternate worse 1985. Everything gets worse and worse until Marty manages to get back to the original 1985 but loses Doc to 1885 at the end of the second movie.

In the final movie is pretty much mimics “Man in hHole’ but it also has a boy meets girl element when Clara Clayton, Doc’s love interest is introduced. They end up getting the De Lorean pushed by a steam train and then when Marty gets sent back to his own time, the Do Lorean gets run over by a train in 1985. The final scene, we see Doc and Clara return in a steam train time machine.

They are my quick recaps of these stories in relation to Kurt Vonnegut’s ideas.

Say it Like Peanut Butter — October 16, 2016

Say it Like Peanut Butter

My first ever assignment on this Blog!

The assignment is to; ‘ you’ll be creating an animated gif of a clip from your favourite (or least favourite) film’

As someone who loves films, to pick a favourite is so difficult! But none the less I persevered and came up with one of my favourite scenes from my favourite films.

Here is the animated GIF I made: RHE5S1C - Imgur.gifThe link to the original video is here.

I made this animated GIF using IMGUR’s video to GIF.  I found it to be the best GIF maker I have found, it makes high quality, smooth looking animated GIFs.

Keen films fans may recognise this GIF from ‘The Blues Brothers’.

I love this particular scene because of the story behind it, the filmmakers found an abandoned mall as their location, It being empty they approached retailers to fill the empty shops in the mall. The deal was that they’d only pay for what they wrecked. The full story is here. I highly recommend a look about how this scene was filmed, its highly interesting.